Thursday, May 12, 2005

ARGN: BBC Announces Jamie Kane Beta

I need to just stick ARGN's feed on here (any 3rd party tools for that?)

ARGN: BBC Announces Jamie Kane Beta
The BBC has announced today that it is accepting beta testers for its upcoming alternate reality game Jamie Kane. The game is aimed at a teenage audience and revolves around the search for a missing popstar.

Those who are familiar with alternate reality games may be a little surprised by the lack of stealth here, but Jamie Kane is treading into new territory in numerous ways. This game, while employing classic ARG elements, will be aimed at a primarily teenage market, so the plot and puzzles will be targeted accordingly. In addition, it won't be played in real-time, so that players may begin at any time and all have the same experience. Nevertheless, Jamie Kane will employ numerous websites, emails, mobile phone alerts, videos and instant messaging to help players discover what happened to their favorite pop-star, Jamie Kane.

According to Rob Cooper, the head of the BBC's interactive drama and entertainment department, 'You play for around 20 minutes a day and it makes use of AI chats to feed you info. Typically, it will take around 15 days to solve, a clue at a time.'

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


...getting inspired...

The Electronic Labyrinth and more on Tristram Shandy

The Electronic Labyrinth is a study of the implications of hypertext for creative writers looking to move beyond traditional notions of linearity.

Time Line

I had very briefly blogged a link to the Tristram Shandy page of the above site, but apprently never followed the rabbit hole upwards. *Excellent* resource.

More on Tristram Shandy / Laurence Sterne:

The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gent. (1759-67) (complete text online).

SparkNotes: Tristram Shandy. (don't worry mostly in english...very academic and thorough)

highest quality images here.

finally some obvious links: wikipedia entry for Tristram and Sterne, and via that, an upcoming film version, a 1.1M ZIP of the illustrated hypertext of the books.

# One of the meta-statements Sterne seems to be making is he has no respect for your time, nor your desire for narrative cohesion -- and why should he? Defiant, Sterne is. Very defiant. Cool.

Eat yer heart out David Foster Wallace.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Grokker - A New Way to Look at Search

Grokker - A New Way to Look at Search

A bit of a change from all the ARG stuff I've been posting lately, here's another visual map metaphor thingie, this time for web search (my actual search results weren't great, but for a browser-based app I thought their execution was good).

Sunday, May 08, 2005

ARGN: Ares Station Completes Its Mission

ARGN: Ares Station Completes Its Mission
aresstation.jpgThe indie Alternate Reality Game Ares Station came to a close on May 5th, with an announcement on its trailhead page. Although nobody likes it when a game ends, those who played the two-month long ARG seemed to be extremely happy with the game overall.

Ares Station was designed by Indiana University Bloomington graduate students Nathan Mishler and Will Emigh as a Telecommunications thesis project. Ares Station represents about a year of work, and included excellent quality design and multimedia elements, as well as a very effective "stealth" launch.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

more on Perplex City

follow up to this and this...

ARGN: "Touch Me, I'm Perplex City"

unfiction interview with game head honcho

This looks like it's going to be a good one. Will follow along in this space.


idfuel article article
The first advertisement appeared in USA Today a week ago, right on schedule.

People from around the world had stayed up all night waiting for it, talking in chat rooms and online forums. It had to be a clue, they thought. Everything before it had been a clue.

"LOST. The Cube," read the ad, posted at the top of the paper's "Notices" section. "Reward Offered. Not only an object of great significance to the city but also a technological wonder."

The cryptic notice, along with several subsequent ads in The New York Sun, The Times of London and Monday's Sydney Daily Telegraph, are the first tangible signs of a mystery called "Perplex City" beginning to unfold online.

It is the latest well-funded entry in a young medium called "alternate-reality gaming"--an obsession-inspiring genre that blends real-life treasure hunting, interactive storytelling, video games and online community and may, incidentally, be one of the most powerful guerrilla marketing mechanisms ever invented.

These games are intensely complicated series of puzzles involving coded Web sites, real-world clues like the newspaper advertisements, phone calls in the middle of the night from game characters and more. That blend of real-world activities and a dramatic storyline has proven irresistible to many...
Both he and Stewart say they see the medium as a developing art form--even if it's equivalent to moviemaking in 1903--rather than simply a convoluted promotional vehicle.

"The Internet basically is about searching for things and gossiping, and we invented a way to tell stories that's about searching for things and gossiping," Stewart said. "It is a much nicer way to deliver art across the platform."

Perplex City :: Primer

Times article

article in French

cartoon ref

cards on ebay

not sure about this one (flash)