Wednesday, September 28, 2005

architect Steve Collins on narrative spaces

it occurs to me that designersblock can be thought of as 'just because you're in the kitchen...' in action - just change the captions.

like i said somewhere in the photo album, it reminded me of the installations of the 90s such as HG and self storage. a warehouse in a decaying part of town, wondering whether you're at the right address, trying to find the actual entrance; following a trail through a musty warehouse or cellar, wondering whether what you find is art or just left by squatters... i learned that narrative was more important than technical polish; that discovery and lack of explanation were good; that time should be taken to gather meaning... so all this prepared me for alt worship.

except alt worship is still mostly too tidy and too church. we should be in warehouses. or ruined churches.

and then it would be an event, not a 'church service'. so you'd run it  every day for a month, and then do nothing for six. forget all this 'how do you do it every week' nonsense. why would you want to go every week, if you're going to remember it for ten years after one visit, like art?
from his blog. his main site is a wealth of original content on such matters.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

I appreciated the language on About Denise:
All of my adult life, I’ve worked with mystery and symbol systems in the forms of astrology, tarot, mythology, poetry, etymology, psychology, and numbers. My mind seems to work with ideas in an architectural fashion, and I’ve always been easily able to grasp the skeletal structures under the scrim of things. I naturally and consciously look for correspondences, meaningful connections, the lay of the land... patterns. I am fascinated with how significators and meanings intersect and play with each other, particularly in the rapidly transforming cultural context of post postmodern America... offers a semi-nonlinear, natural navigation experience exceptionally similar to a couple digital installations I've done, Hate Mail and Order/Disorder (part of WTF?). Extra kudos for Flash text I could actually read.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go feel poor.