Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why Are Brands in Decay?

Just very well articulated is all. This blog may have a lot more of this kind of stuff on it henceforth, as the threads of hypernarrative, storytelling as a cultural practice, and the "cultural" bits of commerce and business all begin to intersect, both in my own experience and within the general trend of online idea exchange. e.g. the fact that most ARGs are really just marketing campaigns.

Also, this is one of the sources pulled for the Sugarfilled feed.


Mrs. Troop said...

Thanks for the science project site - that was too funny! Makes me grateful - it could have been much worse.
And he got a B+ - so we are all very pleased. And glad it's over.
Don't judge for me not understanding most of what you post over here - I get very little sleep and deal with pre-schoolers all day!
Love ya~

daniel said...

My livejournal (link on sidebar) might be a little bit more your speed. And I keep the public posts clean.