Friday, April 25, 2008

The Photoshop Guys Revealed

The Photoshop Guys Revealed
Troy Hitch, 37, and Matt Bledsoe, 39 — the guys responsible for YSAP and its sequel — met a few years ago while producing a radio ad in Cincinnati, which is 10 minutes from Covington. Bledsoe was the ad's creative director and Hitch, a polymath, was doing the voice-over (he's also the voice of Donnie and a real Photoshop expert). They quickly became buddies, started writing funny bits together, and partnered up at a creative agency Hitch later started, Big Fat Institute.
Great article, and a model for the kind of work I'm really interested in. Would like to find the time to explore it some more and make some more observations...for now just the link to the article--more links can be found within.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Want You To Want Me by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar

The interactive installation "I Want You To Want Me", by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar, commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art, for their "Design and the Elastic Mind" exhibition.

I Want You To Want Me explores the search for love and self in the world of online dating. It chronicles the world's long-term relationship with romance, across all ages, genders, and sexualities, using real data collected from Internet dating sites every few hours.

The piece is presented on a 56" high-resolution touch-screen, hanging vertically on the wall, and was installed at MoMA on February 14, 2008, Valentine's Day.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Twitter Account on Ebay

Twitter Account and Followers For Sale:
I really love my Twitter account but I feel like I haven't been using it the way I want to. Quite honestly, I feel sorry for all of my followers because they wind up with my tweets in their timelines and I haven't been able to utilize the medium the way I want to. I also participate in another Twitter account over on Rocketboom so I'm thinking I'll post more over there and start up a new account to do what I want to do next.

It would be silly to just delete this account I have here, especially if there is someone out there that had like interests and had something to say or wanted to get involved in some relevant conversations. In terms of monetary value, I have no expectations or needs at all so I decided not to put a minimum bid on this. Whatever will be, will be.

The winner of this auction gets my account with all of my followers. The account is in my name now, but the winner of the auction can pick any other name that's available on Twitter for the transfer. For example, you could have where x=any name thats not already taken. You can change it yourself at anytime too, one of the cool features about Twitter settings.

So basically it's like getting a new account with your own name, but having a pre-installed audience.
I have a bunch of other interesting Twitter links to post as well, but this one was time-sensitive. I always like when commerce is used as a social experiment...

...A bit more on the Starbucks "ideas" thing

...I mentioned a little while ago...

Well, it turns out the entire thing is run on a product--i.e. "My Starbucks Idea" is a branded, hosted solution via the Ideas product.

Brilliant. I also like the classic four-word tag-line. glad I went to five...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Very little offered, nothing expected in return. I can get behind that...

Textism: Did you really
...there was just something so, ugh, web whatever point whosit class-conscious about it. I mean, I like Maggie Mason and the stuff she does a lot, and even she might agree that that ‘just landed in LA’ on the front page has got to be up there among the most unctuously precious things ever. Hey you, mister startup: please don’t try to sell me your fancy new gizmo with the same sort of air-quoted, I-didn’t-say-it-you-did fabulousity with which the dolts at Vanity Fair service the celebrity trade.

You’ll agree that everything deserves a second chance. A few months ago Twitter started slowly making sense. I’m not sure I concur that, as some have said, the constraints of 140 characters will force anyone to think or write in a meaningfully new way, but there’s something attractive about this throwaway stream of rants, thoughts, links, asides. Fragments of the lives of others just drift in, make you smile, or wince, or roll your eyes for a second, and then disappear. Very little offered, nothing expected in return. I can get behind that...

Muji Non-linear Day Planner

Muji Chronotebook Non-linear Day Planner
The new Chronotebook day planner takes a different approach to laying out your tasks and events—instead of representing your day in a boring sequence of lines or on a grid, it displays time on an axis, like an analog clock. Each page represents either the AM or PM, and you write your plans like spokes on a bicycle wheel.